30 Minute Squat Challenge

August is here and it's time to introduce our challenge for the month. During the month of August we are challenging you to build to a 30 Minute Squat hold.

Why should you accept our challenge? We all know the benefits of a squat, but not all of us have the strength or mobility to hold a perfect squat position. This challenge is going to help you build ankle, hip, and knee mobility as well as strength in the bottom of your squat. The challenge is simple, but it is going to take some dedication to stick with it. Here's how it works:

August 1 - Hold a squat for 1 minute, August 2 - 2 minutes, August 3 - 3 minutes, and so on until at the end of the month we have built to a 30 minute hold. These holds should be in a relaxed position at the bottom of a squat and should not be an active squat. If you need some help getting into a good position feel free to lean up against a wall or hold on to a stable object in front of you. Your daily squat holds don't have to be unbroken so feel free to break them up throughout the day as needed into smaller manageable sets.

Finally we want you to post a picture to social media using #towniesquatchallenge of you participating in the squat challenge in craziest places. For example, squatting in places where its normally not socially acceptable to squat. The more creative and crazier the better. At the end of the month, well pick our favorite to win a FREE Townie t-shirt. 

Get after it CrossFit Townie, and looking forward to seeing some improved squats at the end of the month.