Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge

It’s time to really take our performance and fitness to the next level by taking a closer look at our nutrition. Whether your goals are overall health and wellness, performance based, or purely aesthetic, your diet is going to be the biggest help or hindrance to your success. You guys work extremely hard in the gym on a daily basis and it’s important that your body has the right foods to perform at its best and to see the desired body composition changes. Take CrossFit Games champ Matthew Frasier for example. He finished runner up in the CrossFit Games two years in a row before blowing out the competition this past year and taking the title of Fittest Man on Earth. What does he credit this year’s success to? Changing his diet! Even the fittest on earth know they can’t out train a bad diet.

So here’s the challenge. We are going to remove less desirable elements from our daily diet to get a solid understanding of what our bodies need as performance athletes (and yes you are all athletes). We want to see how your performance, your health, and your body composition reacts to eating what nature intended for you to eat, at the right macronutrient amounts. To some extent, we’ll be using the framework of an ancestral diet, but we’re not going to give this a name, because ‘diets’ have and end point, and just like fitness, healthy nutrition should last a lifetime. You should not have some religious attachment to a Diet, simply find what supports your work and recovery and does not support illness or the accumulation of body fat. (Detailed list of challenge dietary prescription coming in our next blog)

Challenge Details

·      7 Week Nutrition Challenge (September 19th – November 4th)

·      Establish baseline data, follow strict dietary parameters, then evaluate the impact of the challenge by reassessing the data.

1.     Sign Up for the challenge and add your name to the list at the front desk.

2.     Schedule your initial Bod Pod test by calling Lauren Ormsbee @ 828-768-5516

3.     Take 3 photos of yourself (front, back, side) Men – shorts no shirt, Ladies – spandex shorts and sports bra. (These pictures are for you only. I really encourage you to take pictures along the way so you can see the visible changes from week 1 to week 8. Make sure you take the photos wearing the same exact clothing, in the same exact lighting.)

4.     Email your initial Bod Pod results by September 11th to info@crossfittownie.com . These results will stay 100% confidential.

5.     Download My Fitness Pal app – You will be required to log everything you eat for three days during the first, fourth, and eighth week of the challenge. This is so we can see what you’ve been eating, hold you accountable, and make sure you are meeting your daily macronutrient needs.

6.     Save the date for Thursday, September 8th@ 7:30 pm. Lauren Ormsbee, the Wellness Coordinator at FSU will be at the gym to answer any questions about the Bod Pod and to offer a bit more nutritional guidance. This will also be an informational meeting for the challenge and an opportunity to ask questions about the nutritional guidelines for the challenge.

What is a Bod Pod?

The Bod Pod is a body composition test conducted at Florida State University (Go Noles!) and is the most accurate way to measure many different biomarkers including body fat % and muscle mass. Think like the old skin fold test but way more accurate. Hannah and I have both had a handful of Bod Pod tests done and they provide you with great information about your body composition as well as your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate). An exercise physiologist or doctoral student will conduct the test and also meet with you after to explain the results and strategies to help reach your goals. The cost for these tests is normally $55 each but with our special affiliate pricing, you can get your pre and post challenge Bod Pod done for $65 total ($45 for initial test, $20 for post challenge test). This is a steal to be able to work with sports nutrition professionals and to get concrete numbers about your health to see improvement through your hard work. (You must complete pre and post challenge bod pod and email results by the deadline to be eligible for prize)

How do I win?

If you participate in this challenge everyone will come out a winner and see results. We will be purely measuring results as body fat % lost (as well as your photo journal to track the visual results for yourself). This is the most accurate way to view our progress as the goals is not strictly weight loss, but ultimately fat loss. The person who loses the most body fat % will receive one FREE month of CrossFit. On top of that the entire coaching staff will do 1 burpee for each 0.1% of body fat lost by the entire group. After all the results are in we will recognize the winner as well as recognize the progress of the group at a Townie pizza party where all the coaches will reward you by trudging through burpees while yall enjoy pizza and beer. Sound like fun? Get signed up today!