Performance Nutrition Challenge Guidelines

During this challenge we are using an ancestral diet framework while also incorporating specific dietary recommendations for individuals based on their goals and body type. We'll talk about specific needs of different athletes and body types at our meeting tomorrow night, but for right now I want to give yall a general list of foods to eat during this challenge and foods to avoid.

Foods to Eat

Proteins: Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Pork, Eggs (If it came straight from an animal, eat it. Some dairy may be acceptable based on your body type and physique goals)

Carbohydrates: Vegetables, Fruit, Potatoes*, Plain Rice*, Quinoa*, Raw Oats* *(These carbohydrates should be consumed primarily in the window immediately before and after training when the body will quickly burn high glycemic carbs instead of storing them. Eating theses carbohydrates will also depend on your current body type and physique goals.)

Fats: Nuts, Seeds, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Animal Fat (Nut butters are okay but make sure that you are eating natural sources. Most nut butters have hydrogenated vegetable oils and sugar in them so read the labels!)

The simple rule of thumb here is EAT WHOLE FOODS! Focus on filling your diet with nutrient dense REAL food. Your food should have very few ingredients, all pronounceable ingredients, or no ingredients listed at all. Use this as an opportunity to broaden your horizons and try new foods. Always make sure you read labels to watch out for hidden ingredients — especially sugar. Dessert means you can pick it with your hands from a tree or bush or don’t eat it!

Foods to Avoid

Sugar - maple syrup, agave nectar, Splenda, granulated sugar, molasses, etc. This means absolutely no sodas, sweet tea, diet sodas, fruit juices, and the like. For this challenge we're going to say honey is allowed in extreme moderation. "Paleo" treats are dangerous, so don't fall for them!

Processed Food - Anything packaged in a factory with extra not-natural ingredients. Most things in a package have adde ingredients so stay away. Things like protein bars (aka glorified candy bars) are off limits. There are some bars that have only a few natural ingredients that are okay for the challenge, but most protein bars are just like eating a candy bar. If it has a long list of ingredients you can't pronounce then stay away. For this challenge we are going to say that whey protein and other powders are okay.

Dairy - cheese, mayo, butter, sour cream, coffee creamer, yogurt*, milk*. *Based on body type and needs, plain greek yogurt and dairy may be approved for this challenge. 

Unhealthy Oils - vegetable oil, canola, corn, soy bean, peanut oil etc. Avoid any types of fried foods during the challenge. 

Alcohol - in any form. I know it's football season so we are going to allow TWO days during the challenge when you can partake in a drink or two. You don't have to use them, but if you absolutely need to then use them wisely. 

Not sure if something is okay to eat? Ask us at the gym or at 

Remember that this is a challenge and it's not going to be easy, especially if you are used to eating a processed sugar filled diet. Commit to the challenge and don't cheat during the 7 weeks. If you truly want to see changes in your body and more importantly your health then you can stick with it! We're here for you and you will be surrounded by tons of other people everyday who are going through the challenge with you. I promise you it will be worth it! Remember you are not only doing this to see body composition changed but also lifelong health changes. 

Throughout the challenge we'll be posting tips and sharing our experiences on Facebook and with each other at the gym and through email. We're in this together and I can't wait to celebrate the awesome changes at the end of the 8 weeks.