2017 Townie Intramural Open Teams

The teams are set for the inaugural CrossFit Townie Intramural Open! Check the list below and see who's on your team. Any one who signs up for the open now, will be randomly added to a team. If you have a great idea for your team name let you captains know ASAP. Let the trash talk commence : )

Muscle Mafia - Captains: Hannah Watt & Devin Tudor

Blake Woodward, Matthew Bailey, Selina Bell, Chris Waters, Bryan Watt, Brenna Beever, Harrison Gantt, Jesse Young, Chandler Bryant, Rachel Shapiro, Summer Lairsey, Cole Frick, Colby Young, Taylor Devane, Jimmy Woodward, Lance Butler, Danyelle Eidson, Dan Gay

Peanut Butter & Jelly Legs - Captains: Jonathan Watt & Blake Pittman

Toby Williams, Amy Woodward, Deanna Quinton, Courtney Warner, Lee Barwick, Jamie Sims, Matt Cone, Marty Lutes, Carol Griffin, Chelsey Young, Seth Tucker, Brooks Woodward, Kelly Ledger, Garret Blais, Kellie House, Zane Griffin, Ben Appelo, Brad Hurst


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