Townie Zone Challenge

Overview: This nutrition challenge is a 6 week zone challenge that we will conduct in teams.  For each day you eat in your zone blocks – a point. Each day you take a class at CF Townie – a point.  Each day you do not eat zone – a negative point. You will be allowed one cheat meal per week where it will not negatively affect your team’s score. We will add all points together to establish a team total.  The top two teams with the highest points at the end of the 6 weeks will win a prize.

Dates: Monday, May 22nd – June 30th

Zone Diet: To read all about the Zone Diet, click here! Print this out to keep close by and use when meal prepping.

Point Systems: Points will be awarded each day for eating zone and doing CrossFit. If you fail to eat zone you will receive a negative point for that day. If you do not take a CrossFit class you simply receive 0 points for that.  Example – I ate zone today (+1), I took a CrossFit class today (+1).  My total for that day is +2. If you did not eat in your zone for the day (-1), and you did not take a CrossFit class. Your total for that day would be ( 0 ).

Cheats: You will be allowed 1 cheat meal/week that will not negatively affect your team’s score. I would suggest planning what day/meal that is going to be and keep it consistent. (Example: Sat night is date night so I know I’m going to get ice cream.)

Point Reporting: We will put a listing of all the teams on one of our boards.  Each team must total up their points each week (Monday-Sunday) and write them up on the board. Submit team totals each week by the end of the day each Monday of the challenge. 

Measurements: The measurements will be done before and after for each individual to track progress. Your results will be 100% confidential and only for you to see results. We also suggest taking pictures before and after the challenge so you can see the awesome changes that will take place.


1. Marty, Brooks, Jamie Sims 

2. Harrison Gantt, Bryan Glover, Taylor 

3. Ben Appelo, Garrett, Hunter 

4. DT, Dylan, Jonathan

5. Joy, Katina, Amanda

6. Danyelle, Jami, Carol

7. Kayla, Brenna, Krystian

8. Summer, Kelly Ledger, Kathy

9. Kellie House, Alex Martin, Stephanie

10. Amy, Selina, Chelsey

11. Laura, Chandler, Hannah