I Know I Should Lift Weights But I Don’t Want To Get Bulky

This is a phrase we hear a lot when we talk to people during a free intro.

We totally get it! People associate lifting weight with bodybuilders or think that weight training is going to make them look like the CrossFit Games athlete they saw on TV. In reality the professional bodybuilders and the chiseled bodies you see on TV are the 0.01%. These people are training and eating with the sole intention of looking and performing like the fittest human beings on the planet. They are regularly performing 3-4 workouts a day and eating a caloric surplus to look and perform their best for their particular sport.

In the famous words of YouTube sensation Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!”

Thankfully those of us with full time jobs, kids, spouses, and other hobbies can gain tremendous benefit from lifting weight that will help us look, feel, and perform our best. By performing basic movement patterns like pulling, pushing, hinging, lunging, squatting, and weighted carries we ignite a tremendous amount of caloric burn while also sculpting lean muscle tissue. Instead of bulking up, the exact opposite begins to happen!

We finally are able to fit into that pair of jeans in the back of the closet. Our shirts get a little looser and we have to move down a notch on our belt. We have more energy to play with the kids. Even our chronic back pain begins to subside because of the core strength and stability we’ve gained from lifting weights. The list could go on and on!

Want to lose that stubborn belly fat? Pick up two heavy dumbbells and carry them around the block. Want to tone up your back side and get rid of your back pain? Grab a medicine ball and do lunges. Trying to tighten up your underarms? Get a barbell and press the weight over your head.

Lift weights 3-4 days per week and eat whole, unprocessed foods, and you’ll begin to slim down and tighten up. We suggest eating meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Eat enough of those foods to support your activity level, but not excess body fat.

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