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our story

Jonathan discovered a passion for fitness and nutrition while playing high school sports and soon after became a personal trainer and coach while studying at Florida State University. His ability to connect with his clients and help them grow both inside and outside the gym helped Jonathan stand out in a crowded market and sparked his desire to open his own gym to have a greater impact.

After 4 years of interning, coaching, and training others in Tallahassee, Hannah encouraged Jonathan to go after his dream, return to their hometown, and open Townie. Sometimes all you need is for someone to truly believe in you and tell you that you CAN do something. That’s exactly what Hannah did for Jonathan, and together they founded Townie in January of 2016.

Since then, the Lord has blessed their work in Thomasville and given them and their team the opportunity to help hundreds of people improve their lives through better health and fitness.

Our vision for Townie is to create a community of humble, hungry, and happy people who crush life into their 90’s, and our mission is to help YOU get healthy and freed up for maximum impact. Come join us!

Founders of Townie Fitness & Nutrition
Jonathan & Hannah Watt | OWNERs

Meet Your Coaching Team

Toni Sisco

Co-Owner, Personal Trainer, Group Coach, Nutrition Coach
CFL1, Brand X Kids Coach, Brand X Certified Youth Strength Coach, HSN Certified Nutrition Coach, Two Brain First Degree Coach, ABA from DCTC

Michael Bearden

Personal Trainer, Group Coach, Nutrition Coach
CFL1, CFL2, HSN Certified Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition L1, RKC L1, JD from UGA

Joni Smith

Personal Trainer, Group Coach, Nutrition Coach
NASM CPT, HSN Certified Nutrition Coach, BS from Louisiana Tech University

Meagan Chisholm

Personal Trainer & Group Trainer
CFL1, USAWL1, CPR/First Aid Certified, MIEA Instructor, APC, PhD from FSU

Josh Connell

Personal Trainer & Group Coach
CFL1 Trainer, BS from UGA

Chris Butler

Personal Trainer & Group Coach
CFL1 Trainer, USAWL1

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