Nervous To Try CrossFit? IGNITE Is The Solution

Have you heard incredible things about CrossFit? Like, how people have gotten into the best shape of their lives? And, you may have heard about some of the fantastic or crazy things about it too, right? It’s normal to be curious and excited but also a little nervous. If you’ve ever wanted to join a CrossFit gym but haven’t been able to officially pull the trigger, we have the perfect solution!  

Have no fear, IGNITE is here!

Let’s break down some of the stereotypes and issues which sometimes cause people to think twice about trying CrossFit style workouts and learn how Townie’s new IGNITE program is the solution.  

  1. Limited class size and no mirrors.

There is no need to worry about other folks watching you. Class size for IGNITE is limited to 12 people, and those other 11 people will be doing the workout alongside you, so everyone will be focused on their own workout rather than looking around. The only one watching will be the coach who is teaching you how to move well, ensuring proper and safe movement patterns, and encouraging you.

2. Simple and scalable exercises.

We’ve all had those thoughts of needing to get in shape before joining a gym, but you can cast those thoughts away with the IGNITE program. This special program will meet you where you are at right now. Enjoy the journey of better health, and we’ll be right there with you cheering you on! IGNITE will use basic bodyweight movements, kettlebells and dumbbells, rowers, and airbikes.  All exercises are scalable to your current fitness level and your coach will be there to provide the proper movement and weight options to provide an effective, safe workout.

3. It’s not too hard.

Will it be easy? No, it wouldn’t be effective if it was, but neither will it be too hard. We will help you learn to be comfortably uncomfortable. And, we’ll never advise you to do highly technical, risky movements, like the one-armed-upside-down-handstand-walk I’ve seen on YouTube recently. This is all about building a strong foundation. IGNITE is a new class with new participants, so we’ll focus on developing strength and endurance with basic bodyweight movements, foundational kettlebell and dumbbell movements, rowing, biking, and running. You can also jump right into this class without going through our foundations personal training program.

IGNITE will be an awesome opportunity to experience and benefit from the CrossFit methodology and practices, so leave your stress, worries, and nervousness at the door and join us at Townie Fitness to start your wellness journey. Before long, this will be your favorite way to workout, and you won’t know how you could get along without it! Let us know if you have any questions by replying to this email, or click below to sign up and reserve your spot. Remember we only have 12 spots for this program and once they sell out you’ll have to join the waitlist. We can’t wait to help you!

– Coach Mike, CFL1, CFL2, Precision Nutrition L1, Healthy Steps Nutrition Certified, RKC L1, JD from UGA

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