The Greatest Gift We Can Give

We opened Townie with the purpose of helping others. We want to help people in Thomasville live fitter, healthier, and happier lives.

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A critical step on the path to happiness is service to others. We truly believe that it is better to give to others than to receive for ourselves. We live these values out everyday, and our members embody these traits both inside and outside the gym. Every year at Christmas time we have the opportunity to exercise our service and care for others through our partnership with Project Backyard.

Every year we sponsor families in Thomasville and buy Christmas presents for them. We purchase the gifts for families in need, and then Project Backyard helps deliver them to the kids that need them the most. Over the last 4 years our community has helped over 100 children receive gifts on Christmas day.

This year is going to be our biggest and best opportunity to serve the kids in need in our community.

With the help of Principal Melvin Huggins, Bryan Watt, and Project Backyard they have set an awesome goal of providing each child at Harper Elementary School with a bicycle for Christmas! Thanks to some amazing anonymous donors they are well on their way to achieving that goal, but this is where we can help!

Townie will be sponsoring the entire 3rd grade class at Harper Elementary School and we will be providing 32 brand new bikes to 32 children this Christmas!

Here are all the details…

Sponsor a Child:

  • This week we will cover our Christmas Tree at the gym with the names of all 32 children in the 3rd grade who we are giving a bike to this Christmas. All you have to do is select a child off the tree and return the ornament with the child’s name and check for the bike and helmet purchase to the gym by Dec 14th.

  • Boy’s and Girl’s 20” Bike Price: $58 (see attached pictures)

  • Helmet Price: $11.95 (see attached)

  • Please make checks out to Project Backyard

Bike Assembly Project:

  • Date: Saturday, Dec. 14th

  • Time: 9:30am-1:30pm

  • Location: TBA

  • Description: Bring the whole family to help assemble the bikes we’ve purchased for the kids. More Details to come.

Bike Giveaway Day:

  • Date: Wednesday, Dec. 18th

  • Time: 1:30pm

  • Location: Harper Gymnasium

  • Description: The assembled bikes and helmets will be gifted to the children in the Harper Gymnasium. We believe it is important to make the parents or guardians of these children the hero’s of this story, so we are bringing them in on the surprise and the gift. Along with the bike and the helmet, we will be giving the children other smaller gifts that remind them of the true meaning of the Christmas season. All members are more than welcome to attend and help gift the bikes to the families.

List of the Harper children that Townie will be sponsoring: (Third Grade students | 8-9 years olds | 20 inch bikes)


  • J’la Rodgers

  • Riyleigh Alexander

  • Ah’Miracle Blackwell

  • Kyra Braswell

  • Justyce Cole

  • Jayla Duncan

  • D’eyondria Franklin

  • Makayla Maynor

  • Kirani Smith

  • Shakayla Thompson

  • Alaysia Williams

  • Markiyah Young

  • Jamia Daniels

  • Za’Mariyah Davis

  • De’Mariah Lovett

  • Morgan Scruggs

  • Keve’Yana Smith (Tall)

  • Mahogany Laing

  • Ja’Miracle Daniels


  • Rashaad Andrews

  • Kayden Davis

  • Hayden Hammonds

  • Landon Hatch

  • Elijah Pickens

  • Za’Marion Williams

  • Artavias Wyche

  • Christian Davis

  • Cedric Anderson

  • J’Mere Cooper

  • Ja’Shan Daniels

  • JaNowah Jackson

  • Zy’ion Jones

We’re so excited for this opportunity to make an impact in the lives of children and families in OUR own backyard, and we can’t thank our members enough for their overwhelming generosity and heart to serve others each and every year! Merry Christmas!

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