What are Bright Spots?

Over the last couple weeks we have posted a picture of our PR board each Friday in our members only facebook group. Along with the picture we have encouraged members to share their “Bright Spots” from the week. So what exactly is a Bright Spot?

A bright spot is any win, big or small, from the week. These do not have to be workout related (ex: promotion at work, extra time with family, passing a test etc.), anything that you are grateful for and proud of counts. Put it on the brand new Bright Spots board, post it in the facebook members group, because we want to hear about it!

Now that you know what Bright Spots are, here is why they are so important:

As human beings our natural instinct is to focus on the negative things that happen in our lives. We let the small inconveniences and problems that happen to overshadow and blind us of the really amazing and awesome blessings going on in our lives. Bright Spots Friday is really our way to practice gratefulness and take five minutes to reflect on the GOOD in our lives. At first this might be hard. We get it. Sometimes life is tough and we tend to be extra hard on ourselves. But the more you practice this exercise (yes it will take practice) the easier it will get, and then your mindset will slowly begin to shift from focusing on the negative to highlighting the positive. A positive mindset is a winning mindset!

Another reason we want to adopt this mindset is because celebrating our small successes will lead to more success in the future. The Gap Theory states that the closer we get to a goal the more motivated we will become to achieve it. Success breeds motivation, not the other way around. When we have small wins or inch closer to our goal, we become more motivated and the new goal becomes irresistible. Imagine you are practicing double unders. At first it’s frustrating when you trip over the rope and just can’t quite get the rhythm, but then you get one! And then another, and another. Soon you are knocking out sets of 30 at a time! The feeling of success of getting that first double under snowballed into motivating you to achieve your goal.

Just like we exercise in the gym lets exercise this practice of gratitude each and every Friday. It may be challenging to think of a bright spot at first, but the more you practice taking 5 minutes to be thankful the easier it will get. So stop what you’re doing right now and think. What did you do right, the best, or for the first time this week? What is something you are grateful for that happened this week? Post on our Bright Spots Friday thread in the members only facebook group or comment below on social media. We’re all family here so don’t be shy. Look within, practice gratitude and start your weekend happy!

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