After two kids Katie decided it was time to make her fitness a priority

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What brought you to Townie in the first place?

After two kids, I could no longer “fake” fitness. I knew to keep up an active lifestyle, I needed to prioritize fitness. I knew it would take a community experience to motivate me to stick with it and had heard Townie would provide both community and accountability. 

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

I loved how humbling it was– there were so many new movements and opportunities to improve every workout. And that hasn’t changed- after two years, every day is still a new and exciting challenge!

What was your first “bright spot” or accomplishment?

I think just the accomplishment of keeping a morning workout routine. I’m not a morning person but love feeling the sense of discipline and accountability the 5:30am class provides.

What are you working on now?

One day I will be able to do more than 6 perfect pushups. One day!

What’s your favorite thing about working out at Townie?

Coaches! I love how everything has a sense of intentional, steady improvement – from the facilities, to the workouts, to the people. And just the holistic wellness approach. 

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