Humble. Hungry. Happy.

2020 has thrown quite a few curveballs our way along with many other small businesses across the world. We’ve faced a global pandemic, forced closure, social unrest, and massive change within a brand we were associated with. These unexpected challenges not only caused us to adapt to continue to help our clients, but also caused us to step back and reexamine why our company exists and what we want the future of Townie to look like. Over the next few weeks we are going to be telling you about our brand new vision, mission, and values at Townie. These aren’t just words on paper, but will be the guiding light for every decision we make throughout every level of our business.

Today I’m going to talk about our vision and values, or in other words, what are our long term goals at Townie and where do we want to be 10 years from now? And what character traits do we embrace throughout our company culture?

Our Vision: To create a family of humble, hungry, and happy people who crush life into their 90’s.

Our Mission: To help people get healthy and freed up for maximum impact.

The first part of our vision is family. We are building a fitness family, and in a family people genuinely care, interact, encourage, and challenge each other. We celebrate others success, pick someone up when they’ve been knocked down, and push each other to be the best we can be. We also want to be a place that is welcoming to your entire family and a place that improves the lives of not only the individual, but also the entire family unit.

Humble, hungry, and happy are the core values and character traits that are embodied in each of our coaches and members at Townie. Humility is the most important trait, as we all must recognize that we can always learn something from others. We put the needs of others before our own and we rise by lifting up each other. Hungry means that we embrace challenges and we see obstacles as an opportunity for growth. We’re hungry for more and we never give up. Happy isn’t a feeling but a choice. We choose to be happy no matter the circumstances and understand that we all have so much to be thankful for.

Finally, we want to help people crush life well into their 90’s. Our training programs and nutrition coaching are designed to be sustainable and help you achieve life long results, not just a short term quick fix. We want your exercise and nutrition habits now, to improve your quality of life 40 years from now.

This is our vision for Townie and everyday, with your help, we will be striving to make this vision a reality. A family of humble, hungry, and happy people who crush life into their 90’s.

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