2021 Intramural Open Team Rosters

The 2021 Open rosters are here! You still have 1 week to recruit members to join your team and get in on the action. The first workout is Friday, March 12th!

Team Marty – Jessica Jones (Flowers), Renee Novak, Krystian Courtney, Katie Chastain, Suzanne Martin, Carol Griffin, Joy Knop, Revana Mills, Jared Finks, Matt Cone, Michael Barwick, Trey Mills, Drew Balfour, Debbie Sutton, Summer Lairsey

Team Emily – Sheri Stewart, Andrea Fletcher, Katina Stewart, Jeanna Mayhall, Kym Lamos, Jennie Mason, Angie Reichert, Toni Hinz, Ean Parr, Bill Sutton, Chad Persing, Lee Barwick, Jonathan Watt, Tony Champion, Will Sutton, Fort Mason

Team Josh – Kimberly Hand, Teresa White, Judy Shepherd, Jessica Jones, Lisa Clements, Glenda Stegall, Lauren Bearden, Kim Connell, Chris White, Michael Skelly, Tom Harrison, Chris Sisco, Jonathan Waller, David Sofferin, Logan Sarver, Amanda Siddell, Jacob Odom

Team Martha – Donna Brookerd, Tina Prevatt, Megan Chisholm, Heather Champion, Emily Hartlage, Jenny Nail, Selina Mills, Renee Henderson, Kyle Register, Michael Mills, Chris Waters, Wayne Nail, Michael Bearden, Alissa Mosely, Melie Rodriguez, Jason Hand, Kayla Odom, Bryan Watt

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