2021 Super Committed Club

The Super Committed Club is a rare breed. These are folks who understand that easy will no longer suffice, that you can’t wish for it, you have to work for it, and that results are earned not given. You might think that they are just more motivated or dedicated, but I can guarantee you that many days they thought about staying in bed or driving straight home from work and skipping their workout. What kept them showing up wasn’t motivation, but habits formed through consistent effort and commitment. These are the super committed who, even when it wasn’t easy, continued to just show up day in and day out. This is the Townie 2021 Super Committed Club, and each person on this list understands that the secret sauce to reaching your goals is consistency and they have the results to prove it…and now they will have a T-shirt to commemorate their achievement that can only be earned and never given. Hard work pays off!

Most Check Ins/Workouts in 2021 (175+)

Carol Griffin – 300

Meagan Chisholm – 237

Judy Shepherd – 226

Kym Lamos – 223

Toni Sisco – 213

Tina Prevatt – 209

Ean Parr – 205

Angie Reichert – 198

Glenda Stegall – 194

Andrea Fletcher – 190

Kim Connell – 189

Josh Connell – 188

Jacob Odum – 184

Kimberly Hand – 183

Kayla Odum – 182

Heather Champion – 175

Katina Stewart – 175

Super Committed Club (12+ workouts every month for the entire calendar year)

Andrea Fletcher

Angie Reichert

Carol Griffin

Ean Parr

Glenda Stegall

Jacob Odum

Jonathan Waller

Josh Connell

Judy Shepherd

Kayla Odum

Kim Connell

Kimberly Hand

Kym Lamos

Meagan Chisholm

Revana Mills

Selina Mills

Tina Prevatt

Toni Sisco

Tom Harrison

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