7 Habits of Highly Successful Members

What is the common thread that runs through the members that see the best results in the gym? What do all the people who reach their health and fitness goals have in common? After coaching for over a decade now, here are 7 things the most successful people do to get results both inside and outside the gym. Adopt a few for yourself, and you’ll see results. Embrace all 7 and you just might change your life.

  1. Just show up. It’s no secret that the people that see the best results are the people that show up to the gym the most. Just look at the committed club each month and it’s easy to see a correlation between attendance and results. The committed club should be your goal every single month to maintain. If you want to see big progress you need to bump those rookie numbers up.
  2. Stay active outside the gym. The most successful people in the gym either knowingly or unknowingly use a principle called NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). This is basically any movement that isn’t structured exercise. This could be playing at the ball field with your kids, going on a walk, doing yard work, a jog, walking the dog, etc. Basically, the more you move your body throughout the day, the more calories you will burn and the faster you will see results. A simple step goal is a good goal here. Shoot for 10k steps per day.
  3. Communicate with your coaches. Successful people in the gym talk to their coaches and communicate their goals, challenges, and questions. They don’t ignore emails, text messages, HSN messages, and more. They respond, share, ask questions and seek the help they need. Unfortunately we can’t read your mind, so we need you to be honest with us about your challenges so we can help you! Grab a coach after class to ask a quick question, respond to our emails and texts, don’t let an HSN message from your nutrition coach go unanswered, and book an athlete check in each quarter.
  4. Make friends. Get to know the people you are working out with. The great thing about Townie and community based fitness is that you have the built in accountability of a coach as well as other like minded people all around you. The more friends you make and people you get to know, the more fun your training will be and the easier it will be to do step 1 which is “show up”.
  5. Set goals with time deadlines. “I’m going to get a pull up by Jan 1, 2023”. “I’m going to lose 10lbs by Jan 1, 2023”. We all like to procrastinate, so putting a time stamp on your goals means you have a deadline you have to accomplish said goal by. This will light a fire under you to put in the work to reach this goal. If you just have some pipe dream goal you want to accomplish someday then you are never going to get there. Give yourself a deadline, meet with a coach, make a plan of daily habits and baby steps, and attack the goal!
  6. Develop a growth mindset, never complain, and never make excuses. Okay this is like three in one, but you get the point. Set backs are going to happen, but your results are determined by how you respond to those set backs. A growth mindset sees obstacles as an opportunity to grow, not an opportunity to whine and complain and say “Woe, is me.” Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day and everyone could come up with a boatload of excuses as to why they aren’t where they want to be. People who reach their goals are those who take full responsibility for their actions and learn and grow through challenges.
  7. Work on weaknesses. It’s easy to train movements we are good at and do workouts that include all of our favorite things. It’s a bit more difficult when the workout involves 1 mile of running and you’d rather run your finger nails across a chalk board than have to jog 200m. The most successful people view the challenging workouts and movements as an opportunity to get better, and shocker…they usually get better. If you want to be able to do double unders in workouts, spend 10 min 2x/week working on them. If push ups are a struggle, and your goal is to level up your upper body push, set a goal of performing 20 push ups each night before you go to bed. Whatever your lowest level or weakest movement is (could be nutrition related as well), make a plan, build a habit, and put in the work to improve.

Sure, these 7 habits aren’t easy, but anything worth doing never comes easy. If you are ready to commit to these 7 habits, let me know and our team will help you set goals, develop habits, and hold you accountable along the way.

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