November NEAT Challenge

Welcome to the November NEAT Challenge!

A principle that has recently helped many of our nutrition clients is a practice called NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). Coaches have been prescribing this practice as a daily habit for clients with massive results in lbs lost and a decrease in body fat percentage. NEAT is simply incorporating extra activity into your daily routine that is outside your strength training, high-intensity, and in-gym workouts. Examples of NEAT activities are walking for 30min, rowing or jogging at a slow pace, doing yard work, or taking the stairs at work. All of this extra nonexercise activity adds to a person’s daily calorie burn and assists in reaching a calorie deficit as well as promoting recovery between high-intensity training sessions and even reducing stress. To help you stay on track during a season that might be filled with a few more tasty treats and additional stress, we are introducing the NEAT principle to the gym through our November NEAT Challenge!

The Challenge: Add as much NEAT activity to your daily routine as possible during the month of November.

How it works: For every 30 min of NEAT, you will contribute 1 point toward your team’s score. Teams are comprised by class and your points will contribute toward the class you attend the most. You can accumulate as many points as possible and are NOT limited to 1 point/day. For example, if you go for a 1-hour walk then you would get 2 points that day toward your team score. Points can be accumulated at the gym before or after a workout or away from the gym. Score sheets will be up at the gym and total points will be tallied each week.

What qualifies as NEAT? Any extra movement like standing at your desk, taking the stairs at work, and even fidgeting qualifies as NEAT, but for the purposes of this challenge, we are only going to count dedicated times of additional low-intensity movement toward your score. Some examples that would qualify are a 30 min walk after class, walking the dog, light jogging, easy row, slow bike, walking during your lunch break, walking meeting at work, 30 min of yard work, washing your car, etc. This is on the honor system so don’t make it complicated. If you are purposefully getting additional movement during specific activities, then give yourself a point. If you aren’t sure or have questions, ask a coach.

Prize: TBD (something for the whole winning class) 

While this challenge may seem simple, our coaches and clients have been practicing the NEAT principle for the last few months with some amazing results. When combined with strength training and high-intensity workouts, NEAT could be the missing piece to help you speed up your weight loss, improve your performance, and improve your health. So let’s find out which class is the NEATest (get it?) and see how some extra daily movement can help us stay on track with our goals over the holidays.

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