Should I Keep Training If I’m Injured?

Our goal at Townie is to build strong, fit, and resilient humans both inside and most importantly outside the gym. Even with the best and most well thought out fitness program in the world, injuries can and will still happen. In my 7 year career in fitness with 1,000’s of hours coaching clients, 99% of the injuries I’ve seen have happened outside the gym. Life is demanding and while our goal in training is to stay injury free, sometime life happens and we find ourselves at less than 100%. So what should you do if you find yourself bitten by the injury bug?
The first thing we want you to do is tell our staff. Talk to your coach and explain your injury or limitation so we can help give you a game plan specific to your needs. The great thing about CrossFit is that we have so many movements and modifications to pull from to design a training session perfect for any individual no matter ability or limitation. We will never make you push through pain, but instead ensure you get a great workout, stick to your exercise routine, and always listen to your feedback.
So now that you know what to do if you get injured, here are a few reasons why you should keep training:

1. Exercise helps boost the hormones in your body like testosterone, which help aid in the healing process.

2. Training also helps boost your mood through the release of serotonin. This hormone is like a happy pill and will help you keep a positive outlook even when you’ve encountered a set back.

3. When you are injured you need support and encouragement from others and our coaches and members will always help put a smile on your face. Just being at the gym and around your friends breaking a good sweat will help you feel like you are making progress in the right direction.

4. Showing up to the gym through injury will also help you keep up your routine when you are back to 100%. Studies show it takes 90 days to establish a habit, but you can lose the habit much quicker than that. Stick to your routine and keep the good habit you’ve worked so hard to establish.

5. Research shows that training the uninjured limb or other parts of your body during injury will help speed up the healing process as well as maintain strength in the injured limb or body part. This principle is called the “cross-training effect” or “contralateral effect” and it’s a powerful thing!

So if you have an injury should you come to the gym? Absolutely! Only good things can happen if you continue to train smart, and our coaches will help you do just that. Whether you hobble through the door on crutches or are just dealing with a few aches and pains, we want to see your face and help you feel better both physically and mentally. 

In health,
Coach Jonathan

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